2013 Davis Cup

June 16, 2013
10 AM – 2 PM
Warmup and festivities begin at 9:30 AM

The Davis Cup is a social tournament held annually pitting four “countries” against each other in doubles play and enjoying a bit of international flavour.

Tournament contacts are:
Jane Cunnington, 250-727-9338 and Shirley Marsh, 250-658-1590

Flag_of_Canada.svg  Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg  Flag_of_Germany.svg Flag_of_Spain.svg
Canada United Kingdom Germany Spain
Judy Huff
Larry Huff
Petr Havlik
Sheryn Posen
Bill Code
Mariana Diacu
Jane Cunnington
Tao Tan
Gord Inglis
Shelley Rowan
Michael Poplawski
Shirley Marsh
Cyndi Powers
Kevin Heaney
Amanda Heffelfinger
Steve Perks

Canada GreatBritainGermany  Spain results