President’s Update on Court Repairs – June 1st

Dear STC members,

I would first like to extend our big thank you to all of you who have supported STC this year with your membership and interest in our events. It has of course been a more challenging year given that the weather has not cooperated for us to complete the repairs and resurfacing of the courts before our scheduled events of the season. With that said, I would like you all to know that our executive and our activity coordinators have been working really hard to navigate these challenges and continue our activities as best as possible.  We will continue to do our best and we’ll provide updates to everyone as soon as we can.

We have currently been provided the update that the courts should be completed in two weeks (weather permitting). We are in the midst of looking for alternate courts to support our upcoming events and we will provide an update on this soon.  In fact, the upcoming Davis Cup fun tournament is being held this Sunday at Centennial Park and the next change partners event may also require booking this venue.

One of our members has come to our rescue.  Michael Adams has offered access to his private tennis court located in Prospect Lake area for the duration of our court repairs.  He just needs a couple hours’ notice by sending him an e-mail to make sure the court is open.

I also would like to bring your attention to the South Island Tennis Association’s (SITA) Community Advocacy initiative that you can subscribe to at  If you are interested in ensuring there is good support for tennis on the South Island, you should sign up to receive their newsletter to get the latest news on the status of raquet sprot facilities.

Thank you once again for your patience and support of STC through this challenging couple of months. We’re very excited to be able to unveil two high-quality courts in the coming weeks for our members and we will do so with a fun celebration day!


Tim Ebata
Saanich Tennis Club

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