Reminder AGM 2019

Saanich Tennis Club AGM

Feb 3rd, 2019 11:15AM, Cedar Hill Recreation Centre


  1. Approval of 2018 AGM Minutes
  2. Approval of 2018 Special General Meeting minutes
  3. President’s Report
  4. Membership Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Facilities Report
  7. Activities Report
  8. Junior Program Report
  9. New Business
    • Thanks to outgoing board members:
      • Jim Howie, treasurer
      • Rich Wanbon, past-president
      • Jane Cunnington, vice president, past president
      • Sasho Radisavljevic, communications director
      • Diane Brodie, secretary
    • Election and introduction of the 2019 Board of Directors
      • Board nominees:
        • Tim Ebata, President
        • Cheryl McMicken, Vice-President
        • Michael Adams, Treasurer
        • Petr Havlik, Director at Large (Communications)
        • Eric Holden, Director at Large (Activities Director)
        • Janet Martin, Director at Large (Membership)
        • Yutaka Yoshida, Director at Large (Facilities)
      • Members have the right to nominate and vote for other potential Directors at the AGM. Please notify Tim Ebata in advance of the AGM of the names of any such additional nominees.
  10. Question & Answer period
  11. Adjournment
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