Wind Screen Update

What was done to the wind screens?
On Tuesday June 12th, Tim E and I raised the wind screens on the North, South, and West sides of STC courts. This was done to permit Saanich personnel to survey the site of STC courts – more on this below.
The surveying work is expected to be completed by Friday June 16th.
I do not yet have the specific times the surveyors will be on site; once this is known, I will advise any affected club members regarding any disruptions to existing bookings or regular weekly activities.

The return of the screens to normal has not yet been scheduled and this is complicated due to travel plans of both Tim and myself. So volunteers would be greatly appreciated in order to speed up this return to normal; volunteers please contact me at tom.glenn@yahoo.ca

Why is this site survey being done?
The site survey that is being undertaken is part of the engagement work with Saanich Parks & Rec. regarding the eventual refurbishment of STC courts. The site survey will help in determining any shifting or sinking of areas of the courts. This work is fully funded by Saanich. Following this site survey, it is expected that Saanich will undertake an engineering study of the court condition, again funded by Saanich.
The recommendations of the engineering study would help STC in planning future work on its courts.

Why do this now?
The engagement work with Saanich was significantly disrupted by COVID and only started returning to normal in spring 2023. As there are new people in key positions at Saanich, some time was needed for them to get to know STC. Now that Saanich is ready to go ahead, we want to maintain momentum so that we can get this study phase completed soon.

No significant disruptions to our activities are expected.

– Tom Glenn, Treasurer STC

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