Indoor Sunday Doubles

How it works

Saanich Tennis Club Indoor Sunday Doubles at Cedar Hill Recreation Centre is for both men and women players with a 3.0 to 4.0 NTRP* rating. We will do our best to ensure you will be playing matches at your playing level, but please note that you will be playing a variety of opponents each week. The organizers reserve the right to limit your play if it is not at the appropriate level. Also, play will be limited if bad behavior is exhibited. There will be a maximum of 32 players in the rotation. Once the rotation is filled, a list of spares will be compiled and will be called on as needed.


The fall Indoor Sunday Doubles will start on October 15th until December 17th, 2023. The winter session will start January after the New Years holiday and we generally play until mid April. The winter session dates will be confirmed at the end of December.


The STC has booked, and paid for, all four Cedar Hill courts on Sundays from 9:30 to 11:30 am.

Cost: $ 19 for the two-hour session (includes balls) which will be collected at the beginning of play on each Sunday, exact change would be preferred. Alternatively, you can etransfer to by the end of the Sunday you are scheduled to play.

How do I join?

You must be a member of the Saanich Tennis Club in order to take part in this event. Please make sure you have read and understand all the information outlined above and below regarding eligibility to play in this event and the use of the Cedar Hill facilities.

If you are eligible, send an e-mail to to get added to the 32 person rotation or the spares list. Preference will be given to those players available for most of the season.

Once you have been added to the rotation, there are three ways to confirm your weekly availability:

  1. Send an email to the above email address with a list of the Sundays that you are able to participate.  This is the preferred method for all those in the rotation.
  2. Send an email to the above email address by Monday evening 8:00 pm latest, if you are able to attend the next Sunday (e.g., by October 9th for play on Oct. 15th).
  3. Let us know on the Sunday (when you are playing) if you are available for the following Sunday.

An e-mail will be sent out each Tuesday evening (Wednesday morning latest) to confirm that you are scheduled to play that week. If more than 16 players are available, a draw will determine the 16 participants. Those who could not be accommodated will be guaranteed to play the next time they sign-up. If fewer than 16 players sign up, we will be looking for help to fill out the roster.

If you can’t play on a date when you are confirmed to play, please e-mail organizer immediately. If there are any players on the spare list, listed on the schedule email, please connect with them to check their availability, and please go in order of appearance on the list. Make sure you copy me on any correspondence, so that I can schedule your replacement.  If there are no spares available, you and/or the organizers will try to find a replacement for you. However, you will be responsible for the fee if you notify us after the participant list has been determined and we cannot find a replacement. Also, if you are a no show the Sunday morning you are confirmed to play you are still responsible to pay the court fees.

Let us know if you have questions/comments. We are looking forward to some great games!

See you on the courts!

Contact: Mariana JanusicSunday Doubles Coordinator