Indoor Sunday Doubles

Sunday Doubles at Cedar Hill

Contact: Janet Martin or Cheryl Robinson

Please ensure your e-mail subject line includes “Indoor Sunday Doubles” and the date you want to play.

Saanich Tennis Club Indoor Sunday Doubles at Cedar Hill Recreation Centre is for both men and women players with a 3.0 to 4.0 NTRP rating (new club members are welcome!). We will do our best to ensure you will be playing matches at your playing level, but please note that you will be playing a variety of opponents each week.


The fall Indoor Sunday Doubles will start on October 15th. and end December 17th with a blackout dates of   October 22, Nov. 12 and December 10th for Cedar Hill events. The winter session will start January after the New Year holiday and we general play until sometime in April. These dates will be confirmed at the end of December.


The STC has booked, and paid for, all four Cedar Hill courts from 9:00 to 11:00 am.


$15.00 for the two hour session and will be collected at the beginning of play on each Sunday.

How do I join?

Send an e-mail to (please ensure’Sunday Doubles’ appears in the subject line)

Participants must be a member of Saanich Tennis Club. There are three ways to join (note that you can join at any time in the season):

  1. Send an email to the above email address with a list of the Sundays that you are able to participate (preferred).
  2. Send an email to the above email address by Tuesday evening if you are able to attend the next Sunday (e.g. by October 10 for play on Oct. 15).
  3. Let us know on a Sunday (when you are playing) if you are available for the following Sunday.

An e-mail will be sent out each Wednesday to let you know if you are scheduled to play that week.  If more than 16 players sign up, a draw will determine the 16 participants.  Those that could not be accommodated will be guaranteed to play the next time they sign-up. If fewer than 16 players sign up, I will be looking for help to fill out the roster. If that doesn’t work the Club pays the difference, an outcome we want to avoid.

If you are unable to participate on a date that you previously signed-up for, please e-mail us immediately. If there are any players on the spare list please connect with them (in order of appearance on the list to see if they are available.  Please copy the organisers on any correspondence so we are kept in the loop. If there are no spares available, you and/or the organisers will try to find a replacement for you. However, you will otherwise be responsible for the $15 if you notify us after the participant list has been determined and we cannot find a replacement.

Let me know if you have questions/comments. I’m looking forward to some great games!

See you on the courts!

Janet & Cheryl
Saanich Tennis Club