Map, Directions and Parking

Saanich Tennis Club is located at the south end of Viewmont Avenue just north of Brydon Park. Viewmont Avenue can be reached by turning south off West Saanich Road, or east from Wilkinson Road via Greenlea Drive. For navigation purposes, use 4301 Viewmont Avenue.

Club Security

Club members are responsible for securing the clubhouse and gate when leaving. Please ensure all appliances (e.g. coffee machine) and lights that have been turned on during your visit have been turned off.

Club Parking

Alan Puttee has keys for the parking lot gate. They are available for purchase at $2.00 each.

As of July 2016, the parking lot gate is to be kept open in order to relieve parking pressure on the street. Please use the parking lot if space is available before parking on the street.

STC facilities can be used between 7:00 am and 9:00 pm only. Please be respectful with noise levels (especially before 8:00 am).

Please help keep our neighbours happy by parking in the lot and playing no earlier than 7:30 AM.