Annual Club Tournament

SAVE THE DATE: July 12 to July 21, 2024

Tournament Organizers: TBD


Registration closes on July 9, 2024. 

Priority for entry is given to STC club members. Any entry submissions by non-club members (including those paired with a club member for a doubles event) will be accepted only if spots remain at time of registration closing.

Contact the tournament organizers to see if you can find someone to form a team.

Schedule of Play 2024:


2023 Results: (62 participants):


  • Best of 3 sets with full deuce points, 10 point tiebreaker for the 3rd set
  • Minimum 2 matches guaranteed
  • Balls for each match will be provided
  • Prizes will be available for every category.
  • BBQ will be provided on the final weekend, snacks and coffee are available during the first weekend.


  • Members: $15 for one event category, $10 for every additional category. 
  • Non-members: $25 for one event, $15 for every additional category. 
  • Registration and payment will be accepted online. Link TBD


Club Tournament Guidelines


  • Before the match: Please report to the tournament organizers at STC upon arrival to confirm your start time and match location
  • End of the match: Winner(s) please report scores to the tournament organizers. All players please check in at the draw desk to confirm next match time.

Start time: 

  • Please arrive 15mins prior to your match start time
  • Your match is scheduled to start at the time indicated on the Draw. Exact time may vary on the day depending on the previous matches.
  • Maximum of 7 min warm up time


  • Please review your scheduled playing time before each match, as draws are subject to change after being posted.
  • Updated results will be available online at the end of each day.
  • Best effort are made to meet everyone’s requests, but cannot guarantee all requests will be fulfilled.

Lateness & Penalties

  • Lateness rules start when your 7 minute warm-up period is complete, following your court being called (court available to play). Players arriving during the warm-up period are not permitted any extension of this period. After that, Tennis BC punctuality rules will be enforced:
    • (A) 5:00 min or less – loss of toss and 1 game.
    • (B) 5:01 to 10:00 min late – loss of toss plus 2 games.
    • (C) 10:01 to 15:00 late – loss of toss plus 3 games.
    • (D) 15:01 min and plus late – default of match.
  • If any player is injured during play and cannot continue within 10 minutes, then that team’s remaining sets go to the other team (e.g. 6-4, 6-0). (Note: an injured player can be replaced at set switch over but it is an automatic walkover for the opposing team.)


  • Saanich Tennis Club
  • Outside courts may be reserved for tournament matches. 
  • Please account for travel time to your outside court matches