Ball Machine

Saanich Tennis Club has a ball machine for use by members. Please refer to the Manual before using the machine. Careful use of the ball machine will allow for the Club to get the most out of its investment and allow players to have the best experience using it.

Manual for download (includes photos)STC-Ball Machine Manual v2.2.pdf 

Ball Machine Checklist

Before Use

  1. Disconnect from charger.
  2. Make sure Battery Switch is ON.
  3. Check battery level (press Battery Level Indicator while power is off)
  4. Use the handle to roll it to the court.
  5. Lower the handle before use.

After Use

  1. Connect to the charger (ALWAYS charge after use).
  2. Make sure Battery Switch is ON.
  3. Make sure charger’s LED is red (this means it is charging).
  4. Fill out the Ball Machine Log.                                Charger (red: charging, green: fully charged)


  1. Place the machine at the centre of the baseline and turn the Power
  2. Press the Pause Button once to start feeding immediately. Or press and hold it for 2 seconds to delay the feeding by 15 seconds (fast flashing light and beeps).
  3. Speed, Spin, and Feed rate can be set to Memory (press Memory button until desired memory number is lit, long press to reset memory). Height is manual only.
  4. Sweep for random horizontal sweep (side to side, full width of the court).
  5. Use Metal Foot to add inclination for lobs.