Change Partners

2024 Change Partners events:

**NEW for 2023** We’re piloting an approach where we associate suggested levels with our Change Partners events. As our membership grows, we’re seeing players with a wider range of skill levels interested in taking part. We want to ensure that everyone of varying skill levels are able to enjoy this activity and experience a friendly but competitive environment.

  • May: TBD
  • June: TBD
  • July: TBD
  • August: TBD
  • September: TBD

What is Change Partners?

This club-favourite mixed event is a great way to meet some of your fellow members. Sixteen participants are split into two groups of eight. Each group of eight plays three alternating 30-min rounds of tennis. Each round features different pairings, meaning you get a chance to play with three different partners. The top two men and top two women then play an additional playoff round to finish off the day. Lots of fun and lots of competition to be had!

To play

No entry fee is required for this event.

To secure your place in this popular event, please contact the event organizer listed for each event above and let them know you want to take part. Entries will be accepted in the order received, up to a maximum of 16 (ideally 8 women and 8 men).

You will be contacted to confirm your spot in this event. A waitlist will be maintained in the event of late withdrawals.